Rules of the mobile game


There are four modes in the game:

1. Single and multiplayer games

The rules for the single player and multiplayer modes are the following.


The goal is to get rid of your tiles while scoring the higher score.

Starting the Game

There are a total of 56 Triomino tiles in the classic game. Each user starts with 9 random Triominos on his tray.

The first player to play is chosen randomly. He can put the Triomino of his choice as a first tile on the board.

The player will score the total of the three numbers of his Triomino.

User score
Score: 6 points (1 + 2+ 3)

Taking Turns

The second player should try to place a tile of his next to the tile on the board. For this to be possible, one side of both tiles should stick together. Their numbers should match like in a mirror.

Score: 5 points (0 + 2 + 3)

When a player places a matching tile, the game adds the sum of the points from this tile to their score.

Placing triominos

To place a tile on the board, you drag it to its destination. If it matches, the tile will snap into position.

When you hold a Triomino over the desired position, it will rotate automatically. Of course, this only works if the Triomino can be placed at the given position.

You can also tap on a tile from your tray to rotate it.

Picking from the “Well”

If you can’t find a match with your tiles, you have to pick a new one from the “well”. To do so, tap on the "Pick" button, the yellow triangle on the lower right of the screen.

For each tile picked from the well, you lose 5 points. You can pick up to three tiles consecutively, deducing 5 points for each. If you still can't play, you can pass your turn to the other player. You lose an additional 10 points.
Example: picking three tiles from the well then passing their turn: -5 -5 -5 -10 = -25.

Pick from the well

Ending the Game

The game ends when a player plays their last tile. This player receives a 25 point bonus plus the total points of all Triominos left in the other player’s tray.

The game may also end when the well is empty and both players pass, meaning no more moves are possible. The total number of points that are left on each player's tray are deducted from their own score. This applies for both players.


The player with the highest score wins the game.

Bonus Points

Bonus points can be scored by forming special shapes while playing a tile. Forming those shapes and preventing your opponent from doing so is generally the key to winning at Triominos.

1. Bridge

When a bridge shape is formed, by matching all 3 corners of a Triominos, the player receives the value of the Triominos plus a 40 points bonus.

Bridge bonus: +40 points
2. Hexagon

When a closed hexagon shape is formed, the player receives the value of the tile plus a 50 point bonus.

Hexagon bonus: +50 points
3. Double hexagon

When a double hexagon shape (two closed hexagons) is formed by playing a single tile, the player receives the value of the Triomino plus a 60 point bonus.

Double hexagon bonus: +60 points

2. Coins

Silver Coins

You get one silver coin when you win a single player game.

You get two silver coins when you win a multiplayer player game.

Gold Coins

You get gold coins by buying them from the stores.

3. Puzzles

Triominos offers a series of puzzles. When you start the puzzle mode, only the first puzzle is unlocked. Winning a puzzle unlocks the following one.



Solving a puzzle

When you start a puzzle, you see a highlighted shape that you should fill with Triominos. You find in your tray the necessary tiles to fill this shape.

You should place the tiles in a way that let them match. Tiles sharing a side should have matching numbers touching each other.




If you are stuck at some point, you can pick a joker Triomino. Joker Triominos don't have any numbers on them. They can fit with any other tile.

You can pick up to two jokers to solve the puzzle. If that's not enough, you should start over.


You can play the same puzzle again to improve your score. Try getting 3 stars to all puzzles!

4. Challenge mode


A challenge is a game played without an opponent, the goal is to score the highest number of points.

The game is the same for all players: everyone starts with the same tiles on their tray, picked tiles are given in the same order for everyone.


You start a challenge with a set of 9 predefined tiles. You can pick as many tiles as you want from the well. Every time you pick a new tile, you lose 5 points.

The round lasts two minutes. You place the tiles on the board in the order you want, respecting the rules of the classic game (a matching tile should have at least one side matching a tile on the board).

When you place a tile, the total of its points is added to your score.

The bonus system of the classic game is also valid in the challenge mode.

Challenge End

When the two minutes are over, the game is over. If you're satisfied with your score, you can submit it to the server. When you do, your score will be compared with the other players. Note that you can only submit one game per challenge.

If you are not satisfied, you can choose to play again the same challenge to improve your score.


A given challenge is available for 8 hours, afterwhich a new challenge is created.

When you submit a challenge, you can access the leaderboard and compare your score with those of the other participants.

A leaderboard is also available for all previous challenges in which you participated.


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